November 15th, 2021

Our Research

Pulsed-Modulated Microwave Radiation, is where it begins.
NOTICE: I have made no claims of theoretical concepts or conspiracies.

All claims contained within this page directly reference scientific publications.
ANY of us are able to replicate these results with the information contained within these publications.
You'll just need a piece of equipment called a Pulse-Modulated Microwave Signal Generator.
Although I cannot prove the existence of the current state of "Gangstalking" program,
I can assert two undeniable facts...

1.) The technology required to transmit "voices" or other audio into a human head using ONLY radio-frequency equipment, is not only possible, but it's 60 years old.


2.) The United States has carried out psychological experimentation on civilians in the past, with a total lack of consent. MKUltra is now declassified, making it a FACT and NOT conspiracy.

The mysterious Voice of God that is being transmitted into the heads of Targeted Individuals Worldwide is, most-likely, the result of something commonly referred to as The Microwave Auditory Effect. This is a bit difficult to grasp, even for the individuals that are being subjected to this technology and psychological warfare methodology. If you haven't, already, please read The Program!

The realization that pulse-modulated microwave radiation caused human-audible sound-effects occurred during World War II (1939-1945), as reported by Military personnel working in the vicinity of radar transponders and documented by Lin JC (PhD, Professor Emeritus from the University of Illinois Chicago), which was later published by Gandhi OP, in the Biological Effects And Medical Applications of Electromagnetic Energy. As you can imagine, it had everyone a bit confused for a while, but was eventually accepted that the Radar was somehow causing these sounds.

Radar transponders work by sending out pulses of Radio Frequency Radiation, the signals that bounce-back determine the presence, location, and speed of objects, within the range of the Radar.

Neuroscientist Allan H. Frey set-out to determine the cause of these odd manifestations of Human-Audible sound that emanated from these transponders. By 1962 he published his findings in the Journal of Applied Physiology (Vol. 17). In this publication Dr.Frey was able to replicate the mysterious sounds, but with a bit more research was able to discover several other transmission configurations that induced physiological responses in the subjects, such as "Buffeting of the head" and "Pins & needles sensations". Let me remind you, that his publication is not based on theory. He was able to prove, without a doubt, the possibility of transmitting sounds into a remote human head, by prototyping the device and experimenting on live humans, with amazing results.

The above mentioned publication, in 1962, was the first time that the Microwave Auditory Effect was proven, without a shadow of a doubt... 60 years ago, as of writing this article.

In 1973, Joseph C. Sharp and H. Mark Grove continued Dr.Frey's research in the publication Generation of Acoustic Signals by Pulsed Microwave Energy, and were able to further experiment and discover that Microwave Absorbing material (Ex; Eccosorb WG4) appears to react in a way that makes recording the effect possible, which reinforces other findings that indicate the mechanism of perception could occur through mechanical oscillations of head-tissue and/or bone-conduction leading to excitation of the auditory organ.

Also in 1973, Sharp and Grove discovered a modulation technique that allowed for literal voices to be transmitted and recognized by Grove and Sharp, themselves, during a demonstration. They used negative deflections from recorded spoken numbers that were processed to cause triggering of microwave pulses. While the Microwave Auditory Effect had been established since 1962 (In the USA), it wasn't until Sharp and Grove's experiments that voice modulation, through this effect, became possible.

In 1982 another study concluded that it was possible to remotely induce Grand mal seizures and unconsciousness.

In 1997, Healey F, Persinger MA, and Koren SA, released a publication detailing a method for transmitting verbal dialog, without the requirement of the receiver to consciously perceive the transmitted dialog... In other words, subconsciously implanted words and phrases became not only possible, but proven in this publication.

Let me ask you a question... What advancements have been made in the last 60 years, that have been undocumented by the military, in the field of pulsed-modulated microwave technology?... Our research primarily includes publications found in English in the USA. However, I highly suspect that this technology is being used on the general population, Worldwide.

There's good news, though.

The Russian's found it necessary to figure out, exactly, how the technology is being perceived by humans, in the form of audible sound. It is RF equipment, after all, and not a traditional audio output mechanism, like an audio driver (speaker). Being able to "hear" a Radio Transmission is pretty interesting stuff.

Biofizika (ISSN 0006-3029) [vol. 31] July-Aug is a Russian Biophysics publication released in 1986 that detail an experiment where piezoceramic transducers were attached to spherical flasks filled with ethanol or 0.1M NaCl (Salt) in water, as models of the human head, that suggested that the auditory effects of microwaves are caused by stimulation of mechanical oscillations in the liquid (or the head tissues) by electromagnetic energy, followed by the bone-effected transfer of the absorbed energy to the auditory organs. In other words... Based on this Russian publication, as well as Sharp's publication above, we have a few ways of recording the MAE/V2K transmissions, without expensive equipment.

At Targeted Resistance, we have our hands full, not only being Target's ourselves, but in other research that we're conducting with Neurofeedback Technology. We recently ordered the EMOTIV Insight neurofeedback device, in an attempt to potentially disrupt the V2K and are currently experimenting with Shielding and RF Jamming... But we will find time to reproduce the results of these publications and hopefully produce affordable defensive products for the average Targeted Individual. The real struggle isn't with established defenses against this technology, but in providing these defenses to the overwhelmed TIs that find themselves in emotional turmoil and financial instability. We are in desperate need for Scientific minds... Please send us an email if you believe you might be able to help with any of these research aspects.