December 9th, 2023

The Program

Incompetence or Complicity. The US Government is in the spotlight.


Not unlike reports from the mysterious "Havana Syndrome" and ex-CIA Operative Marc Polymeropoulos, many of us have been struck with menacing health side-effects that are accompanied by a "digital tinnitus", or high-frequency static. Many Targeted Individuals suspect family members, past employers, and even neighbors of perpetrating these attacks. However, I wish to present a few simple questions that should get everyone pointed in the right direction...

Who has the Money? - I've went miles into isolated areas (forests/back-roads) with no physical vehicles or individuals having followed me as far as the eye could see, yet the attacks continue. You'll find that this a commonality among many Targeted Individuals, some of which have tried relocating vast distances, only with the phenomenon to follow. This indicates more sophisticated long-range technology that involves tracking, without the need of being physically followed. That system would be incredibly expensive and would probably operate from satellite, unless it is propagated throughout the world with something like cellphone towers.

We've all seen the 5G Conspiracies, but here at Targeted Resistance we have uncovered proof that The Department of Homeland Security has awarded a contract to a security firm to utilize 5G as passive radar to combat "Urban Drone Threats", to a company that identifies as Cobalt Solutions, Inc. I'm not suggesting that only cellphone towers are used to track Targeted Individuals, but this contract shines a brighter light on bone-chilling implications, nonetheless... The walls of your apartment will not stop this invasive radar, American Intelligence has no intention of censoring your daily activities and have made it clear that data mining is a priority with insuring the state of National Security, through programs like Project Hostile Intent and Future Attribute Screening Technology.

Who has the Power? - This system is insanely invasive, more so than the privacy violations that any tech giant has committed, in history. This system has the tracking capability of following a Target, disarmed of cellular devices, within the comfort of a Target's home and has been known to follow a Target across continents. This furthers the idea that some form of radar is used and is established throughout the World, or that satellites are used. The operator would have the power to watch an individual, Worldwide. This type of technology would, undoubtedly, be regulated by American Intelligence.

American Intelligence wouldn't want Civilians or Businesses who posses this technology going around and looking inside military installations... Right? It only adds to the suspicion, that these organizations deny that such a system exists, when we know it does. You can absolutely bank on American Intelligence being aware of this phenomenon... Unless you're really willing to evaluate an unprecedented amount of incompetence.

It appears to us that someone very powerful is doing this. I can't wrap my head around American Intelligence being unaware of something this massive. American Intelligence is comprised of some of the most informed organizations and data-mining operations on the planet, and maintain a massive amount of continually analyzed data. Yet... They *shrug* every time someone uses a Microwave weapon? No way...

This leaves us with an unsettling, yet perfectly clear, conclusion that the American Government is failing at its duties of protecting American Civilians. Again, to imply that they're unaware of this technology or unable to defend against it, requires an unreasonable amount of ineptitude. Do you really think that they believe that American Diplomats, Military Personnel, CIA Operatives, and the hundreds of thousands of American Citizens that are effected are all delusional or that what's happening is harmless? We all need to evaluate the response of American Authorities... Local Law Enforcement is unequipped to handle the phenomenon, most FBI offices are closed for COVID season and fail to return phone-calls or requests for assistance, contacting the CIA is more difficult than getting the president on the phone, the NSA and Pentagon will blow you off as crazy or insane. We are met by every authoritative branch in the Government with denialism and even hostility.

One can only conclude that the American Government is facilitating one of the greatest Terrorist Attacks in the history of man-kind... But, I continue to give them every opportunity to prove me wrong.


I believe this is one part of a behavioral modification program. This cleverly designed agenda hides behind a Targets inability to simultaneously comprehend, process, prove, and battle the situation at hand. Character defamation almost always occurs directly before the real conditioning begins, making it more difficult to seek support from family and friends.

Team 1 (Gangstalkers/V2K): They provoke, irritate, gas-light, and literally torture a Targeted Individual through sophisticated psychological tactics and technology, using specific information from Social Media and Surveillance to launch a critical and often prolonged strike. This often involves inducing emotional instability and "Synthetic Mental Illnesses" (Ex; Trichotillomania, Neuroticism, or other Obsessive Disorders).

Silent audio suggestions, in combination with DEWs that cause a subtle discomfort in specific areas of the body, can cause manifestations of behaviors that mimic Trichotillomania. With a small amount of directed pain or discomfort, in combination with the mysterious V2K and silent audio, a Targeted Individual can find themselves pulling out hair in various areas of the body in an attempt to alleviate almost subconscious pain and discomfort. We tend to think it's an infected hair follicle, and it's only after having plucked several, do we realize that the pain is somehow radiating throughout an entire area. Many TIs aren't immediately aware of smaller behaviors, like these... They almost perfectly mimic genuine mental illnesses, but the difference lies in the reason.

Is schizophrenia still schizophrenia, if the voices are projected from technology? The symptoms of certain mental illnesses are induced by The Program, but through awareness and understanding we can easily conclude that external (outside the mind) environmental and social factors are what's actually conditioning us to manifest these behaviors. Anorexia, Gluttony, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Paranoia, Antisocial Personality Disorder, and almost every "Mental Condition" can be induced by DEWs and Sharp's Silent Audio (A subconsciously perceived Microwave Hearing variation). It's a fact that all of these conditions can be induced by regular environmental and/or social factors... When you pair that fact, with technology that is capable of achieving these effects without the Target being immediately aware of it, what we have is a Nation plagued with "Synthetic Mental Illnesses". These illnesses are induced as a way to control other, seemingly unrelated, behaviors...

Those who continually engage in illicit or illegal activity, often find themselves diving into synthetic additions or delusional ideation. A true delusional mindset is forged over the course of a lifetime, yet a Targeted Individual goes from functional, to absolutely insane, in the course of weeks or months. However, a Targeted Individual is able, through minor incursions with therapy or "wake-up calls", to completely correct delusional ideation in a very short amount of time... If you suddenly find yourself temporarily "insane", even after drug cessation or after embracing self-actualizing ideology, then chances are that your particular experience could have been induced with Technology. There's a bigger game at play, here. It involves controlling the general population's perspective on specific behaviors or a form of behavioral control in-and-of-itself. I admit, the last paragraph or so is conjecture, but the remaining literature here is generally reinforced with scientific evidence.

Team 2 (Psychiatry/Mental Institutions): Should you have poor psychological coping mechanisms, find yourself overwhelmed by this phenomenon, or lack support... You could find yourself confined by these institutions for a while. These institutions serve as a physical restraint for the Targeted Individual. Once committed (involuntarily or otherwise), Team 1 generally ramps up the intensity so that Targets are effectively "exposed" for poor psychological coping mechanisms. Here, you will be force-fed that its "all in your head", prescribed medications, diagnosed, and eventually freed, like a tagged steer.


Many of us describe the digital tinnitus as high-pitched static, grinding metal, or piercing squeals. To a heavily Targeted Individual, these effects seem to manifest internal dialog through clever use of microwave-bursts that are heard as digital syllables, as well as several other identifiable tactics that can lead thought-processes. The effect can be related to the Sine-Wave Speech Synthesis Project and The Talking Piano effect, also seen here. Vice also covered the effect with various popular songs in this article. However, the effect can be heard as clear as any other localized source of sound and can often be completely indistinguishable from physical sources, like individual verbal dialog, speaker or audio equipment, sound-effects such as door slamming, construction, revving engines, muffled conversations, etc.

The Microwave Auditory Effect was virtually perfected by the late 70s, a point reinforced by multiple universities and research organizations having published several variations and studies that involve Pulse-Modulated Microwave Radiation, as perceived by the individual in an audible format (Microwave Hearing) around this time. Those papers outline how the technology uses micro-bursts of RF radiation, of specific duration and frequency to mimic certain frequencies within the range of human-hearing. So, yes... Putting sounds in peoples heads is old news. We talk about this more specifically and reference numerous scientific publications in the Research section of this website.


This question is difficult or impossible to determine. We all have different speculations. You'll notice that this question will provoke two types of answers...

People will blame the organizations or individuals that they dislike or find suspicious.
... or...
People will confess their wrong doings, blaming themselves. (Ex; Criminal Activity)

My opinion is that it's a Behavioral Conditioning Program, ran by a state or federal authorities. I believe this, because when I became targeted I was engaging in illegal/illicit activities. You're going to find it difficult to receive an objective answer for this question, because all we can do is speculate. That is, until overwhelmed civilians can gather their thoughts enough to unite against this situation enough to rally and gather against this terrorist attack and stop waiting on the US Government to redefine Nation Security and remove us from the category of acceptable loss.

Psychological defense is paramount against this situation. I narrowly avoided being institutionalized when my Targeting began, but now understand the necessity for quickly developed coping mechanisms for individuals struggling with this terrorism.

If you weren't able to find any relief reading this article, consider joining a cause. Our Mission Statement can be found here. This situation isn't going to resolve itself and nobody is coming to save you. At least, not until one of these movements makes more headway... We're overwhelmed, too. We need more support. Your contribution could, very seriously, turn the tide.